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Meet Your Brisbane Real Estate Team

“Our team are passionate about helping people, especially at such significant moments in their lives, like finding a home or renting or selling their investment property or selling to take their families forward.

Each and every one of us wants to make these moments easier and extra satisfying for you, no matter whether you are buying, selling, renting or leasing.

We pride ourselves on working hard and getting the best results for you and that means the best experience you can have.

We stand ready to help.”

Your Local Brisbane Property Team

Jay Lesquillier

Principal & Lead Consultant

Professional Profile

Hans Lesquillier


Jacqui Davies

Property Management

Steve Kinnersley

Property Manager

Joel Wheeler

Property Manager

Kate Lesquillier


Family built

Secure Real Estate is family built with over 80 years knowledge behind us.

Experienced Team

We work for each other and we work for you! Experience our professional service.

Quality inspections

High standard in and out! We maintain quality for both the owner and the tenant.

Fast response

We are working hard to give you the best result in the quickest time possible.